Very lazy day!

Even though I got up at about 5:30 to get Kristin to the airport in time for her flight to L.A., I barely remember most of the drive. When I got home, I crashed on the couch, woke up to apologize to John for the state of the kitchen when he got in. Then nothing until waking up to Betsy watching the soaps she had taped the day before – at 12:45! I had checked the day before and the shelters for today were for LAB, so I took the day off – no court, just sleep, and maybe a few returned calls, but not much more. I am heading back to bed soon – want to get back into a more normal (HA!) routine.
Kristin called at around 2PM to say she had arrived safely and was waiting for her bf, Hilary to pick her up – he was about a minute away. Luckily she had no baggage except her carryon. Unluckily, she had walked out the airport entrance and lost any recourse to ladies' room privileges. Somehow I think she did just fine:)
Found this really interesting textbook on the Fugue by a British author – apparently well known in those circles, but probably quite deceased, since his book was published in 1891 and my information is he died in the early 1900s. I remember buying the book while I was at Middlebury – probably at a library booksale or some such thing. I used the introductory information in it for the “other blog.” I'll probably see if Nancy S., our church music director wants the book – it's probably like reading a comic book for her. For me it is vastly over my head. But it's a very old book, apparently owned by someone named “Lillian Hirsh-Tralters” if I get her handwriting, who attended “N.E.C.” (New England Conservatory?) in 1930 or was in the Class of 1930. That would mean she was born around 1908-1912, a little older than John's mother (b.1918), or around John's father's age (b. 1912) or a little younger than my grandparents (b. 1902 and 1904). I couldn't find anything online about her – but it does appear that “N.E.C.” means New England Conservatory. The author has plenty about him online. His name was Ebenezer Prout. I don't know if Nancy will want the book, but it seems a waste to keep it on my shelf and I don't really know anyone else who would even be remotely interested in it. I hate to see a book languish unappreciated.

This is a picture of the spine – gold print still showing!
Here is the cover – embossed title, scrollwork and author's name
Inside front cover – frontispiece
Inside – whole page with “Lillian's” signature
Close-up of Lillian's signature
Close-up of “N.E.C. 1930” Looks to be in “Lillian's” handwriting.
Sorry – quality of photos is not the greatest. Book is actually in pretty good shape for something that is probably about 80 years old!


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