OK, non-knitters, talk amongst yourselves….. Update on projects..

Purple sweater – almost there! I was up to a ridiculous hour last night and finally got to sleep about 5 AM. So near and yet so far on this sweater. When I get this far, I always finish and I have tons of things that will match with this sweater. I just hope itContinue reading “OK, non-knitters, talk amongst yourselves….. Update on projects..”

I guess this was my "day off"

HA! But I did no housework. Shame on me, NOT. Got my calendar in order finally and that sweater project is coming together. The sleeves are done and attached to the yoke. I'm knitting rows of 405 stitches for the next couple of inches before I decrease. Lord, I hope this thing doesn't turn intoContinue reading “I guess this was my "day off"”

I can’t believe I’m home for lunch:)

We had one hearing this morning! Cannnot get ahold of Kelly – either she’s at her parents’ house and forgot to take/charge her cell phone or she’s having the baby. I guess we’ll find out:) Anyway, left court, went to the DV Center’s new offices in Columbia to pick up a summons that was mailedContinue reading “I can’t believe I’m home for lunch:)”

I cannot imagine why anyone would ever leave San Diego

This was the view from our hotel room window. Thanks to Betsy, John and I went to see JT and Angela's wedding. It was very nice. The weather was obscenely lovely and apparently doesn't change much year round according to the natives we spoke to. I can see why JT never left after college:) WeContinue reading “I cannot imagine why anyone would ever leave San Diego”