It’s a work day…

Got about three more visits to do to get ready for court tomorrow. Then, if I’m lucky, I’ll go to the film series showing at SJEC tonight. Hey, I don’t get out much:)
Next week will be hell on wheels, so it will be a good idea to get cracking on some of that work, too. But for now, things are ok. And I’m going to one of those funky Fred Pryor Seminar with Darlene and Michael on Friday – how to deal with difficult employees/people. Of course I never have that problem in my job, LOL!

John was actually home for a while last night. It was weird because Betsy went to bed early after a long day and it felt like we were almost empty nesting it – JoAnna was in Towson I assume at Victoria’s and Sabrina was at Ellen’s house/dog sitting. Danny and Tori are on their way back from OC next week. We will see what the future holds.
Kris hopefully is home Sunday and we can get back to “normal” whatever that is. John’s crazy schedule has put him off kilter. But today he is getting a cardiac stress test and then for a second visit to Dr. Goodwin just to finish up his checkup.

Got a call Monday after court from Pam C., the daughter of that friend of ours (Chris) in choir who was in that car accident a few months ago. The infection her father has is not responding to antibiotics and seems to be taking over. He is apparently heading towards a terminal state. He would not survive surgery to amputate his leg – the shock to his system would be too much – and he would only be doing antibiotics, brief respite, fever, infection, etc. over and over. So Pam (who has medical POA) made the hard decision to stop the antibiotics, but she would not remove the feeding tube. So unless there’s a major miracle, it looks like Chris is not going to do too well, in fact he will probably be meeting his Maker soon. On top of that, another member of the choir just found out he’s got pancreatic cancer! It’s strange, I’m not a big crier or anything, but that evening, I just couldn’t stop crying. I felt like such a moron. I guess it’s because Chris is close to my father’s age and it’s hitting me that this is the time of life when you start to really lose people.

Thank God for children and grandchildren!

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