Let’s see, what’s new…..

This past Monday, Kelly finally had her baby – a nine pound baby girl they are naming Magdelene – or Maggie for short. I am now officially “it” for the next two months. We thankfully have help with client visits and one other attorney who will do the Friday AM dockets, which I end up going to anyway because I’m not adequately protecting my calendar [DOH!].

Friday two of my wonderful clients were adopted. I took pictures, but I cannot include them here for fear of violating their privacy. So I will send them only to the people involved and perhaps keep some copies for our files. One family took up three rows of benches in the courtroom!! This child got a huge welcome from this extended family before adoption was even considered- when he first came to the home as a foster kid. All the little cousins sent him hand-made cards welcoming him to their family! They were so loving and so supportive, I can feel my eyes filling with tears as I type this – just thinking of all my other clients who so very much need this kind of love in their lives. The funny thing about this family is they apparently had decided on a “Hawaiian theme” and everyone was wearing Hawaiian shirts. The adoptive mom gave me a handmade floral “lei” bracelet. I wore it in court all day. It’s in rainbow colors, so I’m sure I gave off some sort of “gay pride” vibe, LOL:) That bracelet is now around the gear shift in my car and there it will stay, gay message notwithstanding (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Drew, age 10, was very quiet, but very happy. When the judge pronounced the adoption final, there was a collective cheer and applause from the family -who, strangely enough, fit into the judge’s small chambers!
The other family was adopting their great niece. She was joining a family with three little girls in it already. Little Chloe has gotten so big since I first saw her as a newborn baby with drugs in her system. She is now a beautiful toddler with long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her CASA worker had a hard time holding back the tears as the family gathered with the judge for pictures.
On a more mundane note, the state is doing its annual audit of our files for the 02-03 contract year. Rah! I spent 5 hours yesterday going through about 2/3 of the files to be audited. I know it’s a random process, but why do I feel like every mistake I’ve made is magnified in these things? It’s that childhood guilt thing, I guess. I hope we do OK. Half of the stuff in there I had no contol over, since it occurred a few months before I came aboard, but I can’t help but feel responsible. Oh well, may it be over soon and we don’t do too badly!
In a few minutes I’m heading for church. Our regular organist is back THANK GOD:) Not that the guest ones were bad, you just get used to the really good one you are blessed to have.
After church, to the office to work on files, then to a couple of client visits, then home for dinner with whomever of the family is able/wants to come. Kristin is in NV and CA with her band, The Spark http://uki.headcold.net/thespark/ I believe it was in 2003 or 2004 that her band was voted Baltimore’s best punk band – or was it hardcore? Yikes I AM getting old! By week, she’s a government employee, but by nights and weekends, she’s a bass player in a punk band. How KEWL! Actually I’m jealous. I keep telling her if they ever need a drummer….. Riiigggghhhhtttt.
Then maybe, just maybe, if I’m a very good girl and get all my paperwork and visits done, I can finish that sweater!
We’ll see!
A few calls and then off to church (I need all the Help I can get!)

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