OK, non-knitters, talk amongst yourselves….. Update on projects..

Purple sweater – almost there!
I was up to a ridiculous hour last night and finally got to sleep about 5 AM. So near and yet so far on this sweater. When I get this far, I always finish and I have tons of things that will match with this sweater. I just hope it fits and isn't too big or too short and wide, like me.
Anyway, I feel somewhat bad, because I missed church this morning but I was just dragging and figured it would be better to just wait until next week when I have the good sense to go to bed on time!
Still have two visits I need to do for Monday's hearings and I should get out and visit Chris, but that will have to wait for Monday or Tuesday.

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About another 8-10 inches to go and I'm done knitting. Pattern is basic from Big Book of Knitting Patterns – cardigan with yoke neck knit on circulars and dps for sleeves.


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I really like these celtic knot buttons – have 9 of them just to be sure I have enough. Bought them at All About Yarn in Columbia, MD just off 108 in the industrial park. Its a LYS owned by two women (friends and business partners) who work at regular government type jobs and both of whom have daughters with disabilities for whom they wanted to create a business. The buttons are beautiful and very reasonably priced.


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This is a pattern from the Fall 2005 issue of Interweave Knits – I modified it minimally to make it fit my big butt, but I think it won't be too big. I've had the yarn for over a year and have been looking for the right project. It's a nice wool and of course the lighting in this pic doesn't do it justice.

Vest pattern stitch closeup

Vest pattern stitch closeup
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self-explanatory. have not gotten far with this, but things look promising.:)

Another find at All About Yarn

Again, lighting and this online photo do not do the colors of this cotton yarn justice. I found a couple of hanks of this bright ruby red, lime green, teal and pink combination cotton yarn and fell in love with it. My budget allows no more than a scarf, but that's ok. I think it will be a nice addition to the wardrobe and will be a great accent piece. I took this with me to San Diego to have some small project to do for the “down times” of the trip. They let you take knitting needles on the plane now, LOL:)

Forgot to add: the stitch pattern for this scarf comes from the Summer 2005 issue of Knitter's. It's in the Whispering Rose vest pattern. I'd actually love to do that one someday given enough cotton yarn for the right price.


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