Elizabeth Anne Gavigan was born at about 5:30 pm on Friday, August 14, 1981. I had been at a baby shower the night before and started labor. This was the only one of my children when I actually was driving a car when in labor! John was home, watching Kristin and Dori. We didn't go to the hospital until the next morning, since I tended to go slowly. From the time she was a newborn, Betsy was not just a cookie cutter kid. She was irrepressible, to say the least – not that anyone would want to “repress” her! She had, as her Uncle Jim says, “third child syndrome” so she was not going to let anyone mistake her for her sisters! So for a long time, she was the wild child at home, but very very quiet in school. Until she started making friends……
In middle and high school, Betsy was the class clown and got in a bit of trouble from time to time, none of which is the reader's business. She got a job in high school and unlike many of her generation, has remained with that company at a variety of jobs, climbing up the corporate ladder (sorry, I hate that phrase), while taking college courses she paid for herself.
Betsy has been the one in the background in so many family photos (she's the one in the light blue shirt in the group photo of the sibs) primarily because she is “Five twelve, Five thirteen” in height and because she has always been the quiet reasonable one in the background, unless she's with people she knows, of course:)
Betsy is a daughter, a sister, an aunt and to many, a friend. When she was little her dad called her his “sunshine” and I called her “boopers.” (Go figure – never let it be said I was particularly intelligent as a mother!)
Happy Birthday!

Ok, yeah, you're 24! Yes, get over it, you're old, I'm even older. Shocking, isn't it?

Betsy! Yikes!
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Mug shots of the Gavigan and Rasweiler kids. Believe it or not, everyone in this photo is a cousin, except that Madison, front right, is a cousin once removed and Ruby was not born yet. Betsy in back row.

Originally uploaded by pjoangavigan.

Group shot. Betsy is the one smiling in the back. Hmmm where are her hands?

Originally uploaded by pjoangavigan.

Aunt Betsy is always good for a ride to the moon….

Aunt Betsy & Madison
Originally uploaded by pjoangavigan.

Tori took this picture, I think and lived to tell the tale….

Christmas 2004
Originally uploaded by pjoangavigan.


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