Flying tomorrow!

Tomorrow, thanks to Betsy, John and I are flying out to San Diego for our nephew, J.T., n/k/a James' wedding to his fiancee, Angela. Neither of us have never been to San Diego before, so this should be fun. Someone at court today told me the weather never goes much over 60 – how terrific would that be, LOL? I am cautiously optimistic for this trip for reasons I cannot say here because the kids read it.
Having the judge we had today was a nice break. Got through the morning docket in about 1 hour and the afternoon in even less than that. Once in a while you really really need that:)

Tonight John is training in DC for the Redskins and I am going to a meeting in Annapolis about the statewide training in Rocky Gap in October. I'm supposed to be child's counsel for the moot court part of the program. I think it'll be a blast, what the heck!

It was hot as blazes today. Went out to lunch and ate something hot, which was not the brightest thing to do. The walk was so hot – I think I raced back to the courthouse just to get it over with!
Dori just called and told me that poor little Ruber Duber got 7 innoculations today – 4 of which were injections. Poor little baby!
Madison and the doc talked and she was very good, comforting her little sister. Next time is Madison's turn. Oh boy am I glad those days are over! Ruby now weighs 12 lbs 10 oz, is in 70th %ile for ht and 98th for weight, lol. She is also very good natured – gets that from Dad's side of the family for sure:)

Got to get to the meeting, will update when I'm back from CA.
Packing tonight……


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