OK, no cleaning bs today

Except maybe a little bit of wash, LOL!
Yesterday afternoon, Betsy, Sabrina and JoAnna left for OC to spend the night with Danny and Tori. After watching just one episode of The Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network, I figured I'd go to the store, pick up John's prescription and then make myself a dinner like the one she did – only without her dessert, of course – basically take a day off from beating myself up about food, knit a little watch a little boob tube, and after John went to work, go to bed fairly early.


Last night, Dori, Donald, and the kids and “Aunt Kristin” came and we had a really nice dinner – well, Donald and I liked it anyway:)
Madison and Ruby were on the kitchen table for awhile as Mom-mom did a little knitting after dinner. I got a couple of shots in of the “goyls.” It's amazing how Ruby just adores Madison while Madison is still dealing with her feelings for and (admittedly) some against Ruby. I think, though, that she is happy with Ruby's adoration and she is very loving when she talks to Ruby, if somewhat a little “too” loving at times, LOL. Madison is almost impossible to get a picture of – she starts moving before the picture “takes,” wanting to see what I've got, bless her heart.

Madison kept wanting to see “Pop,” but he just could not get up – having spent the entire afternoon engaged in one of his favorite activities and watching movies. Oh well, the poor guy needs a day off now and then.

We watched a little TV, mostly the second season of “Carnivale” and then they started flipping through the channels for something to watch before they had to get going. Unfortunately that was “When a Stranger Calls…Again” you know, that movie about the babysitter who has this homicidal maniac in the house with the kids – only she's all grown up and counseling other victims. Geez Louise – just what I needed on the one night in 365 that I spend completely alone. I talked them into changing the channel but the damage was already done.

After John left, I stayed up a while, and finally went upstairs to go to bed – of course having to check every closet and bedroom (what a hoot – they could literally hide a body in all that mess!) Finally fell asleep and at 3:30 this morning I awake to hear someone coming in the front door. Was I scared? Nope! It was Betsy, Brie and Joey back from da beach. JoAnna had to work this morning. Cannot for the life of me figure that one out! After that followed about an hour of two cats fighting and keeping me up – amazing how I could hear it from outside, but I sleep right near a window……. hmmmmmmm….

Went to church late AGAIN this morning – it was nice – guest organist who does things differently, but then we are all so spoilt with Nancy. She is the best, what can I say? Missed the sermon, but the epistle reading was the same one as for John's and my wedding lo' these many years ago – Romans 8:28,etc. – If God is for us, who can be against? I better get it together – I am getting so lazy!! At least I'll have a sort of trial run for getting there on time on 8/28 for the psalm with the altos.

I'm feeling more and more at home at St. John's. People actually are starting to say hello and calling me by name – now I've got to start remembering more names outside of choir, LOL. Putting the choir list together really helped me to remember and learn everyone's name, now I cannot imagine not knowing everyone. It's pretty amazing what a couple of relatively quiet (or so it seemed) decisions can do to one's life. A little over a year ago, I joined the Episcopal Church and the following September decided to really really join the choir. Now I am blessed with people I have really gotten to know and care about and 9 months out of the year I get to sing in a choir that performs the kind of sacred music I really love and – joy of joys – even a few summer rehearsals to boot:) It is nice to be with people who love music and love God and like each other who do something other than practice law – although there's another attorney among the bell choristers who works for the AG's office – and not that there's anything wrong with practicing law, it's just that one's entire social life can get caught up in work – probably a function of modern life, but not a particularly healthy development, IMHO.

Updated our information in the parish directory as I was headed out the door and added John's name. Since it's his money, too that goes into the collection plate, I felt he should be added to the list, even if he is Catholic and will be unto all ages, Amen. (Now, that sounded schizophrenic!)

Betsy and Brie went to Target with LB. Kristin is on LI doing a show, I think. John just went to the store to get food for tonight's dinner and Brie's birthday gift (and hopefully some booze). She's 21 on Tuesday. Sometimes it seems like she's been 21 all her life. Dori, Donald, Madison and Ruber Duber are joining us for the birthday celebration.

News at 11…..

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