Sweet summer morning

Went to church at St. John's today. Was very late because I could not get moving this morning – spent last night up until 4 am “majoring in the minors” but it was stuff that has to get done at least.
Music at the service was lovely – Barry's male voice group (note I did not say men's group because there are two women tenors in the bunch) sounded superb. The older I get the more I love classical music in church and have less patience for the folk stuff.
Three babies were baptized this Sunday. Bruce and Doris did the baptisms. I kept thinking how cool it would be for Madison and Ruby to be baptized, but I have to respect my kids' views and how to raise their kids. The babies were all Ruby's age. No screamers this time – and the priests were really sweet with them. Bruce didn't want to give one of them back – he really seemed to enjoy holding the baby – a lot like John.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, saw Dori at the door (everyone was asleep inside and no one was answering the door). She was stopping by to get Kristin's veggie platter for the party they're going to today. Donald had the girls and Dori was meeting up with Kristin and others? to go from there to the party in Hyattsville.

Oh well, today I get to spend like a Saturday, since we had our Sunday thing last night and John is working the hotel tonight, which is unusual. So…. finish the wash, do a visit or two, finish the paperwork and pick up the files. Oh joy:)

At least it's not too hot today – every day gets closer to Autumn:)


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