OK, it’s about the middle of the summer…

That means I’m over the hump of my least favorite season. I don’t know why that is. I used to love summer. It may get its magic back someday and this one has been particularly grand for being able to get away a couple of long weekends, and six choir rehearsals and the opportunity to march in the 4th of July parade in Laurel, but I’m not a “take-as-much-clothes-off-as-you-can-and-lay-out-in-the-sun” kinda gal – as a brief glance in my general direction will tell you. I’m more of a “put-on-the-turtlenecks-and-hide-all-you-can-while-keeping-warm” kinda gal, LOL.
It also means I’m about six to eight weeks away from my favorite season – Autumn. (Sigh) In anticipation of which I’ve given a little more time to my knitting. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to put a picture into this thing of a sweater I’m knitting with variegated yarn. I don’t know why I got this – it’s not really cool wool or anything. In fact, it’s the kind of acrylic stuff I used to knit with in High School, but I really really like the colors and I hope it doesn’t make me look any more huge than I am. Am also trying not to knit too freakin big, LOL:). Last time I did a vest, it turned into a “knitting project gone terribly wrong,” suitable for someone about 1.5 times my size (now THAT is freakin’ big!), but did that stop me from wearing the dang thing? Hell no!
Anyway, I’m bracing for another two months of working almost solo in Baltimore County. Kelly’s having another baby any day now – yes, the same girl who had a baby last June! Another round of waking up in a cold sweat, sure I’ve missed some vital deadline. Can’t wait:) But I’m determined to do well and to do better. Wish me well……


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