I can’t believe it’s been five years!

Since becoming a grandma. Sometimes it seems like she’s been around forever and we’ve always known her and sometimes I’m amazed at how time flies!
I remember that day as if it were a few minutes ago – Dori called around 6:30 am that morning – saying she was having contractions about 6-10 minutes apart. She called back 1/2 hour later to say the contractions were getting “evil.” I called the office and told ’em I wasn’t coming in. A few hours later, she and Donald were on their way to Mercy Medical Center and Betsy, JoAnna and I were driving there to meet them. We all talked about what the baby would call us – Grammy? Aunt Betsy? Me Maw Maw? But we were really contemplating our new roles in the life of a person we had never met. The kids stayed behind in a waiting room, while Dori, Donald and I all sat in the stupid OB waiting room. For three solid hours we sat there while Dori’s contractions got to 1 1/2 minutes apart! I remember going out into the waiting area to let a nurse know, but it seemed like everyone in Baltimore decided to have their baby that day, LOL. It was a beautiful day – spring had arrived just to greet Madison.

By the time Dori was in the room she was already 6 centimeters along! and no drugs!Sometimes I think the docs should leave women alone – they do so much better without them. But as things progressed, Madison was in fetal distress and they had to get her out of there fast, so off Dori flew to the OR, leaving a very worried Donald behind. Within minutes Madison was born, healthy and pink. Her daddy couldn’t wait to see her. He was in the nursery for her first bath while John and I watched behind glass windows. Dori took a little longer to get into her room, but she was fine in spite of her post-op pain. She finally got to hold her baby that night.

Now Madison is going to school and talking and learning about “good choices” and “bad choices” and will soon be a big sister herself. Can life get any better than this?

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


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