Start of the day

Last night our wonderful beautiful intelligent adorable granddaughter spent the night. She played with toys, played with her Pop-pop (who had been missing her something fierce). John is so good with her – she won't even talk to me sometimes. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to hit the mouthwash…. She didn't eat much at dinner time and turned down her usual chocolate milk which should have given us a clue, LOL. Around 9:00 we started for the bath tub. We have this tub in our bathroom that is so deep, it's weird. We hardly ever use it – schedules too crazy and we're shower people. Anyway, Madison had a BLAST in it. She counted all the rubber duckies John had brought home. We got the washing part over with quickly, after all, bathtime is for taking a swim in the house, right? Anyway, I kept hurrying her up because I wanted to get to sleep, too. She was so good – did the usual up and down – potty, drink of water, can I get in your bed, can I go back to my bed etc. etc. etc. Finally she was asleep before 10:30. 2 1/2 hours later she's up puking the few cheerios she had for dinner. DUH! Should've seen that coming! I felt bad because here she was, probably a little homesick, missing her mommy and daddy and then she gets sick. I hope she can do this again soon and not get sick, so she at least has good memories of visiting,poor kid. 7 AM and her mommy is back from the night shift. All three of them are going to need to sleep today. Boy does that bring back memories. I'm so glad they live nearby. I remember when John and I had that stuff going on and there was no one around from the family to even ask to help. Donald's mom is so sweet to Madison. She actually went to the school and had lunch with her! I am jealous! Madison was saying things at dinner last night like, “That's my granddaughter's lunch you're eating!” “Mom-mom” must've been saying that to her yesterday at lunch. She is getting so big, right before our eyes. Before we know it, she'll be in high school!

Today I do visits to get ready for tomorrow, and/or I'll be doing some driving for a friend who's father's in the hospital. I love when I don't know what the heck I'm doing. Oh well, what else is new?


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