Dang, I am so bad with this thing!

It’s been an extremely quiet weekend – so far, anyway! I still have to go visit a client and get files from the office and call Kelly to update her on all her cases since she’s been away, but man, it has been so quiet! Kris, Betsy, Sabrina and Joey went to NY to see Jessica’s play. Their cousin – Jessica’s husband – got them two tickets. Don’t know if they were able to get any other tickets, so two of them may have had to make other plans. John got ’em a hotel room in NJ for a couple of nights and they should be on their way home about now. Last night, Danny and Tori went to her house, and the only company I had were Milo and Gatsby! I didn’t know how to act! John didn’t even call at 10:30 like he usually does – so he must’ve been busy. I was so bored, I went to bed at 10:45 and then woke up at 4:15, fed Gatsby and went back to bed. Had choir this AM from 10:15 to 2 and here I am. Whoo hoo! It was nice to have Nancy back after her family’s recent tragedy. She is still hurting for her poor son. At the same time it was terrific to have her expertise. Practicing without her really brought home how important it is to have somebody really good directing all of us. Not that Drew was bad, he did his best, but Nancy is really the expert.
Anyway, this week should be typical – visit clients, catch up (HAH!) on paperwork and go to court – if I’m lucky to do it all in that order!
I am still having fun playing with all the toys I got for my birthday! I am still in shock over the iPod. It is such an amazing thing. I think I have every CD I own plus some of Kristin’s music on it and I still have two thirds of the memory left. Probably a comment on my music collection, eh? Still getting the palm/phone thingie up to speed. That thing is awesome. I feel like I’m carrying fort knox with me every time I go out!

On to the business of living….


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