Suprisingly fun week

I had a pretty cool week. Monday, I convinced the Judge (who probably didn't really want to try the thing anyway) to postpone the TPR trial, I had to cover all the dockets this week, because co-worker had a death in the family, but it was no biggie. Everyone seems to have the Christmas spirit at work – and that is somewhat contagious.
We had our Choir party last night and I don't think I've laughed so much in years! It was really a bunch of fun, finally getting to meet and talk with some of the people I get to sing with. Our choir director had good news and our rehearsal wasn't half bad, considering we had party on our minds. Silliness – terrific silliness. I loved it.
Madison and Dori came over today. It's hard to believe she's PG – she is getting skinnier every time I see her. Although she and Madison both looked a little pale and sick with colds. She's such a good mommy! (Donald's a good Daddy, too!) I still think they should name their new daughter Betty! Wouldn't that be so cool?
John had off from the hotel for a few days, but we stll hardly saweach other – he was headed for the CClub as I would be headed in the door from work! Maybe that's why we're still married…..
Have not done ANY Christmas shopping yet – have no idea how we're going to do Christmas. Should be interesting….
(I wrote that for the benefit of my kids who read this, LOL)


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