Feeling better, just spacey…..

It's a rainy soggy day outside. Brie and Betsy are watching Seinfeld, i've just read that CA has followed MO in its return to the Middle Ages. I worked awhile today, yet it still feels like it's been a day off. I've been getting a lot of sleep lately and getting better from that darn cold/cough that seems to have knocked the stuffing out of me. Dori came by with Madison, who promptly went to play with her toys at “pop pop's” house. Dori's been working a run of days at work with no time off. Everyone is taking advantage of their ability to earn overtime. John went to the first football game in Baltimore – he's manning one of the bars, pumping those beers – off from his full time job to do his third seasonal job. bless his heart.

That tpr trial was postponed – and boy was i grateful. more time to get more evidence and keep my little client protected. and to get healthy so as to give a good fight when the time comes. i put it in God's Hands and i believe that is where it landed. may it remain so!

listening to chant and other church music. my favorite – takes my favorite art with my favorite topic……

bye for now…..


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