What a night

So, everyone, except Joey, is out. Joey and her friends are watching a movie and I am in “my room” with the little TV on the desk in the office. There's not much going on. I am really impressed with the way these girls have bonded. They seem so nice – and all of them have a terrific sense of humor – that is what I can tell from the outside in. I think it's that last blast of security before everyone leaves the nest for the uncertainties of life. ah youth!

Danny said he's moving out sometime in October – has someone in NY who is looking for a roommate – I hope he just soars! I'm glad it's NY – but either way, he has family on the East and West Coasts.

We have to move yet again and the only one who isn't in total denial is John. I am just not willing to deal right now – although we are out of here in a matter of weeks. Yikes…..

Next year at this time we'll be looking to move again – hopefully to a much smaller, cheaper place.

It's only Monday and I am overwhelmed with what this week is bringing. No time to do so much. Oh well, at least I'm employed.



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